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  • The Temptation of Christ - Frances Swa...
    Recently a question was brought to my attention from the Frances and Friends Forum regarding the kinds of temptation that Christ suffered while here on earth. This person was concerned as they were being taught to believe that Christ was tempte...
  • The True Love of God - Sylvia Huffnagle
    Obama and those of his persuasion do not know the true love of God. They have a different interpretation of His mandate to love and care about the world. The goal in godliness is to give life at every turn. God is about Life. God is ...
  • What is Biblical Christianity - Sylvia ...
    A biblical Christian has repented of their sin and of doing things their way. They have asked God to forgive them and have asked Jesus to come into their heart and be their Lord and Savior. They learn from the Bible that God?s plan of salvati...